Triumphs of the Easily Amused

Once just a Tumblr, now it’s a website too!

Well, sort of. Right now this is just a page for a few Twine stories I’ve been writing.

The lastest one is Isles of the Dead, which I adapted from this one-page dungeon by Arnold Kemp.

Another one is Death House, an adaptation of an introductory role-playing module from Curse of Strahd, a campaign for Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition.

There’s also Ultimate Judge, a simple judging game I built.

Then we’ve got Name Generator, where you can put in lists of cool words and see a random set of possible names.

And there’s Vote On It!, a way to poll a room anonymously using whatever device you’re viewing this site on.

Also I have a study app for anatomy that I built to help me get better at anatomy for my life drawing.

I also have put together a few poetry memorization applets in Twine, in honor of an app I worked on called "Poems By Heart" with the geniuses at Inkle. Unfortunately the app is no longer accessible on newer versions of iOS, so I've made much less interactive ways of memorizing some poems to at least keep the flame alive:

And then there a few, far less extensive experiments:

You can also check out some Fiasco playsets and other pieces I’ve adapted into Twine here.

And you can send feedback to me here: davidesky2 (@)